Mount Tamar

Blue Screen IT

At BlueScreen, our students are able to work within the Digital industry and apply some of their thinking to computer work and software design.

It is anticipated that some of our students could obtain an apprenticeship, which is a term used to describe a placement where an individual works and earns at the same time.  There are many exciting career opportunities within the world of IT and a Cyber related apprenticeship could present a real alternative to University. 

Some of the key benefits for signing up for an apprenticeship with BluescreenIT (BIT) are:

Earn while you learn – Paid to learn as opposed to pay to learn through other institutions.

Work alongside industry professionals or consultants in the world of IT and gain valuable and relevant knowledge that will serve you as you move on to full time employment.

No tuition fees

You will be gaining real commercially recognised certifications from major vendors such as:




Accredited GCHQ training (Security modules within selected apprenticeships)

The training will be delivered by subject matter experts who have spent several years in the industry and have relevant commercial understanding and knowledge.

The training involves plenty of “hands on” experience within an environment that replicates many major businesses in the real world.


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